Acai Fattening or Lose weight?

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very popular food in northern Brazil, acai earned its place in the diet of many people from other regions in recent decades. Consumed both in savory dishes such as juice, ice cream, paste or cream, acai comes from a species of palm tree widely found in South and Central America.

This fruit is a rich source of vital antioxidants that help slow the pace of aging, since slow the damage that free radicals do in cells. In recent years the acai berry has been the subject of several discussions between people with regard to their benefit for weight loss. While there are those who argue that food works impressively for weight loss, others believe that the thing is not so. The truth is that if the açaí fattening or slims It depends on a number of factors that explain below.


Benefits of Acai for Health

There are several benefits of acai known to us. These berries of purple hue, bright appearance and delicious taste improvers are also important to our health, as they are rich in antioxidants. The açaí stands out from other berries by him be credited the ability he brings to weight loss.

Men and women who consume regularly acai supplement ensure that the fruit decreases appetite. Thus, one ends up eating less and consequently thinner. Many of those who consume acai in order to stay in shape ensure that the food also speeds up the metabolism, helping to burn calories faster. With a faster metabolism one can lose weight more easily.

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It is also credited to the acai function that it promotes the well-being, as this fruit is a powerful source of energy, which contributes to the physical and emotional state.
It contains enough antioxidants, moderate consumption of acai helps fight free radicals, responsible for the damage occurring in human tissues that often result in diseases.

The purple pigment of acai is still the true responsible for the berry have both antioxidant and in the case of blackberries. The fact is that this pigment contains anthocyanins, nutritional components of the plant that act as natural antioxidants.


Another benefit to health guaranteed by açaí are its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is associated with a number of health problems, including stroke and heart disease. The acai pulp is also a source of vitamin E, calcium, fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Acai Fattening or Lose weight?

The fame that acai has to be a food with lots of calories is not as fair. What happens is that in many parts of the country, such as in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, acai is generally consumed in the form of cream or ice cream, which ends up causing the food to become more caloric. The guarana syrup that is added to the pulp of acai and fruit, peanut candy flour and granola but is a calorie bomb.


Considered a super food, we can say that acai contributes to weight loss, since consumed in moderation, since the consumption of the berry increases the feeling of satiety. A balanced diet combined with regular physical activity is essential to good health and weight loss.