Ginger Water for Weight Loss

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Ginger root considered super food is consumed for thousands of years. Its medicinal powers, as the detoxifying effect, the thermogenic effect is to aid in weight loss, they are just some of the benefits of this food.

The ginger water is used for medicinal purposes in Asia more than 5 thousand years, for example. But, after all, will take ginger water to lose weight it works?

Properties of Ginger


Ginger is used in Chinese and Indian medicine for at least 5000 years, since it helps to combat poor digestion, reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation.
The medicinal properties of ginger are mainly due to the gingerol root is the source and shoagol, essential oils and largely responsible for the characteristic flavor of ginger, and are natural fighters bacteria and fungi.

Besides the ginger water to lose weight, The drink offers other benefits such as reducing muscle pain, decreased glucose in the blood, lowering blood pressure, PMS symptoms control, lowering cholesterol and fighting cancer, for example. The ginger water also improves brain function and helps prevent diseases like Alzheimer's.

Ginger Water for Weight Loss

Many people turn to ginger water to lose weight. However, does the drink really thin, or it is a belief without scientific foundation?
It is necessary, first, we point out that no food or product is magical, and that weight loss is achieved with somatization of a balanced diet with regular physical activity. The ginger water can facilitate weight loss. Obviously the drink will not make miracles, because the habits of day-to-day are essential for good health, but it can certainly help.

thermogenic effect

The thermogenic effect is a major benefits from gingerSince the root is the source gingerol, the substance which raises the body temperature. Ginger is also a source of volatile oils capable of stimulating the metabolism increasing the diameter of the arteries, which increases blood flow.

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With this increased blood flow, increases our body temperature, ie, our metabolism accelerates. Thus, the consumption of ginger makes our body burns more calories in order to regulate the body temperature. This process makes people consume more calories throughout the day.


ginger water stimulates the production of gastric juice and increases the secretion of bile. In turn, these effects contribute to better digestion, as well as increase the amount of energy for metabolism process. Once the digestive system is stimulated, ginger water also removes the toxins and reduces swelling, other benefits for weight loss.

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The reduction of the feeling of satiety is another advantage gained with the use of ginger water to lose weight. Drink a ginger glass of water one hour before meals. This not only meets the stomach, and regulates appetite and maintain the proper level of hydration.


The desire to eat candy is one of the main villains who are fighting against the balance, especially in the late afternoon after a meal. This hunger for sweet happens when the sugar levels in the bloodstream suffer a fall. Consequently, the brain sends a signal to us to consume any energy source, which is why we turn to sweets. In this sense, ginger water helps to keep the glucose level in the blood stabilized, which prevents the drastic changes responsible for excessive hunger.


In 2012, the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research published a study. In it, people consumed ginger for 12 weeks, every day. The results showed that the participants had reduced their blood glucose levels.


Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory quite powerful, able to strengthen our immune system and fight inflammation, thus neutralizing the effect that adipocytes cause. Adipocytes are the cells responsible for accumulating energy in the form of fatty acids which when expanded to store more fat further promote weight gain.

Excess weight is directly linked to chronic inflammation, and this creates a vicious circle, because the fire, the body increases the stored fat, and this causes more inflammation.
Thus, ginger water is a potent neutralizing effect that cause adipocyte swollen.



The antioxidant power of ginger water is another benefit achieved with the consumption of the drink. The root is able to detoxify the tissue, and blocking the harmful action that promotes free radicals in the body. Thus, the ginger water in preventing inflammation and contribute to the proper functioning of the organs.

Water Ginger and Science

Studies show that ginger, in fact, contributes to weight loss. The effect of gingerol, present in the root, was tested in obese mice in an experiment lasted 30 days.
The animals were observed a significant percentage of weight eliminated, and deliver better levels of leptin, a hormone whose action occurs in the signaling satiety.

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The benefits of ginger water to lose weightThey are real. However, we emphasize that it is a contributor to weight loss, and its consumption should be associated with a healthy and balanced diet as well as the practice of regular physical activity.

Ginger Water for Weight Loss: Revenue and How to Take

Add two tablespoons (soup) of grated ginger in a liter of water and soak for a few hours. You can also choose to cut up a portion of 5 cm ginger, but will have to soak in water a day to the other.

Add drops of lemon to taste. If you want to sweeten, put a little honey, without overdoing it. Avoid adding sugar.

A cup of ginger tea with ingredients

The ginger has water consumption especially suitable between meals. You can take a drink an hour before each main meal. This stimulates satiety and helps control the level of glucose in the blood.

The ginger water consumption fasting, in turn, is good for the rebalancing of glucose levels and stimulates good bowel function.


People with low blood pressure, diabetics and pregnant women should avoid ginger water consumption without first talking to your doctor. Ginger also increases the risk of bleeding, which is why those who make use of anticoagulant drugs should avoid ginger water consumption.